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Customer is requesting for a solution to improve operational needs of it’s fleet of trailers via means of tracking, accountability and monitoring.

The objective of this solution aims to:

  • Equip trailers that are parked outdoors with trackers to provide visibility on location
  • Enable real-time monitoring of movement of trailers
  • Provide rotational alerts and statistics on utilization of trailers
  • Allow long term tracking of assets up to 3 years

The challenge faced

  • Lack of visibility of trailers that are parked across multiple locations
  • No data on utilization of trailers which lead to some being under or over utilized
  • Power consuming cellular trackers are not able to last in the field for extended period

How UnaBiz can help

  • The solution proposed will provide managers with an overview of trailers across Singapore
  • It will include data on utilization of trailers and notify on under-utilized assets
  • Choice of high quality, energy efficient components allow tracking up to 3 years